Save on Healthy Foods.
Enjoy Better Health.

If you participate in SNAP and have a diet-related chronic disease (or are at risk of one), Fresh Savings Rx may be for you.

Diet-related chronic diseases include:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Pre-diabetes blood sugar levels
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

A diet that includes more fresh fruits and vegetables can improve health, especially for people over 50. With Fresh Savings Rx, you can get a prescription for fresh produce and receive up to six $10 vouchers to redeem for fresh fruits and vegetables at select Kroger stores and farmers markets in your area.

Fresh Savings Rx is a pilot program. It is only available through
select healthcare providers in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Ask your doctor or nurse about Fresh Savings Rx today.

Questions and Answers

1. How do I use the vouchers?

At participating Kroger stores, shop and present your vouchers at checkout. The cashier will accept the vouchers before accepting SNAP or other payments. At participating farmers markets bring your vouchers to the market information booth or tent and exchange for Fresh Savings Rx tokens. As you shop the market, look for participating vendor signs and pay with the tokens.

2. Are the fruits and vegetables really free?

Yes! The fruits and vegetables are really free, up to the value of your vouchers.

  • Tokens or vouchers cannot be exchanged for money, and no monetary change can be given.
  • Once you use up the value of your vouchers, you are responsible for any balance owed.

3. Will using Fresh Savings Rx vouchers reduce my government benefits?

No. Using Fresh Savings Rx vouchers will not affect any federal or state benefits you receive.

4. Where can I redeem my Fresh Savings Rx vouchers?

Fresh Savings Rx vouchers can be redeemed at the locations listed in your Fresh Savings Rx shopping guide, provided to you by your doctor.

5. Can I combine Fresh Savings Rx vouchers with regular Fresh Savings coupons?”

Yes. Fresh Savings Rx vouchers can be combined with Fresh Savings coupons.

6. Is there anything else I should know?

Fresh Savings vouchers and farmers market tokens cannot be exchanged for monetary value and no monetary change can be given.

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