Be the Change to Fight Hunger

By AARP Foundation

More than 10 million Americans age 50 and older are at risk of hunger every day. During Senior Hunger Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the issue of food insecurity among seniors and providing educational resources like “30 Hunger Action Items” to encourage individuals to take simple steps to help combat hunger in their communities.

Denny’s is showing its support for Senior Hunger Awareness Month via an in-store donation drive. For all AARP members who dine at participating Denny’s restaurant and show their AARP membership card during the month of April, Denny’s will donate 25 cents to AARP Foundation (up to $250,000) to help solve the problem of senior hunger.

AARP Foundation views hunger as a health issue. Every day many older adults skip a meal so they can pay the rent, keep their lights on, or feed their family. Research shows that food insecurity contributes to chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and depression. The relationship between hunger and health can easily become a vicious cycle, as low-income seniors have to spend more on their health care, have even fewer financial resources to spend on food, and may become socially isolated.

As a critical step, AARP Foundation is bringing together nonprofit, government and corporate stakeholders in the food and health sectors to reform the food supply system by creating solutions to combat food insecurity and hunger.

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