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Nutrition needs change as we age. We may become less active, our metabolism slows and our ability to absorb some nutrients becomes less efficient. This means that the foods we choose to eat, and the amount of nutrients in those foods, become even more important. Watch this explanatory video and use MyPlate for Older Adults […]

More than 10 million Americans age 50 and older are at risk of hunger every day. During Senior Hunger Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the issue of food insecurity among seniors and providing educational resources like “30 Hunger Action Items” to encourage individuals to take simple steps to help combat hunger in their communities. Denny’s is […]

Secondary analysis of nearly 8,000 U.S. adults showed that compared with food-secure adults, those who were food insecure had lower odds of meeting at least three health metrics.

Lower rates of psychological distress were associated with moderate daily intake of fruits and vegetables in middle-aged and older adults, according to research published in BMJ Open.

The Campus Kitchens Project, the leading national nonprofit empowering students to fight hunger and food waste, and AARP Foundation announced a renewal of their senior hunger outreach program. With more than 10 million older adults currently grappling with food insecurity, sustainable evidence-based interventions to address hunger are more important than ever before.

Healthy Living and Diet Perceptions, Food Purchasing and Consumption Habits

Food security is critical for low-income older adults as poor nutrition can contribute to and exacerbate chronic illness. Download this resource guide and toolkit for health care providers.