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    Hunger Awareness Month

    We’ve got 29 action items this month that will help you fight hunger!
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    Food Drive

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  • Drive to End Hunger

    Dine Out

    Denny’s and Chase team up to help fight hunger.
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Hunger is a Health Issue

Hunger is a Health Issue »

Every day many seniors skip a meal so that they can meet basic needs. Food insecurity can lead to chronic diseases and acute medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and depression.
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Drive to End Hunger – The Impact

Drive to End Hunger – The Impact »

During the past five years, our collective efforts have made it clear, that by working together, we can help millions of struggling older adults.
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Research »

What we’ve learned about senior hunger might surprise you.
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Drive to End Hunger

Imagine struggling to put food on the table. Every single day. Imagine having to make the tough choice about whether or not to eat, or to opt for cheaper, less nutritious food, or whether to pay a bill or even your rent or mortgage. That is the situation for more than 10 million older Americans each and every day.

The relationship between hunger and health can easily become a vicious cycle, as low-income seniors have to spend more on their health care, have even fewer financial resources to spend on food, and may become socially isolated. With your help it does not have to be this way. That’s why AARP Foundation is pioneering interconnected solutions to help those in need transform their whole situation. Donations to Drive to End Hunger benefit the hunger solutions of AARP Foundation, AARP’s affiliated charity.